A holistic fitness and wellbeing program that outlines how to establish life-long health habits for individuals and families. 

The most extensive, exciting and engaging online program available to anyone living anywhere.

Joy McClymont
B.A Sociology, Grad Dip Ed, Cert IV Personal Trainer, Metafit Instructor, L1 Triathlon Coach
Hi,  I'm Joy McClymont, a mother of 4, Personal Trainer and avid believer in a healthy, active lifestyle for LIFE!

If it's fitness, motivation and nutritional advice you need then let's tackle the motivational lulls, food binges, sloppy muscles and down-right crappy days together! 

We all have ups and downs,
but it's how we handle them that really matters!

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Am I too unfit, to be fit?

Do you feel like you are so far from being fit
​that you don't know where to start?
Never, ever believe that you are beyond help!
Honestly, after being highly active for over 15 years,
and then becoming overweight and unmotivated after babies,
I didn't think I would ever regain my fitness again.

I was completely wrong!  Small significant steps in the right
direction led me back into feeling fit and healthy 
beyond my previous limits.  
The process I went through was the stimulus to building 
​Joy's Fitness Hub.
I want to be confident!

Being confident within yourself is such a critical element to living a fulfilling life and achieving great things.  A lack of confidence can really inhibit your progress and hold you back!

Having a positive mindset and being confident takes practise.  
By working through our weekly reflection tasks, you will learn the strategies to becoming a more confident and capable person.  
I don't want to "fall off the wagon", again!

Just because it’s happened before doesn’t mean it will happen again.

Our program is not an all-or-nothing approach.   

We encourage you to “fess-up” confidently to your trainer and group so that they can work with you to get back on the motivational wagon!  

Yes you may fall off, BUT it’s how you get back on that matters to us.
Check this comment out from one of our Joy's Fitness Hub Members

"Joy, I want to thank you – I love this program – we all fall off the wagon – but the true grit of someone is getting back up on it – and that is me – I am willing to climb back up and with everyone's help hang on for the ride." Monique Wye


Be Confident
Eat Well
Stay Fit Forever
I don't have time!

You may be short on time, but there’s always something you can do!

If you think that a fitness program requires you to give up hours each day, then you are wrong. We all have other hobbies, interests and commitments that are important.  

Our fitness sessions and exercises are designed to give you the greatest physical benefit in the shortest amount of time.  

The key is to complete quality sessions, consistently!

Fitness can fit into our lives regardless of our time limits.

We teach you how to be time efficient with your fitness and achieve the small but significant elements each day.
When can I start?

You can start right away!

Firstly you’ll be guided through your
Pre-Exercise Screening Quiz and Fitness Testing.  

From here you’ll launch into Joy’s Fitness Hub and have immediate access to your weekly program and our exclusive Facebook Group.  

How do I train with my trainer and group?
Every week you’ll have access to Audio Workouts, where you can complete the workout with me by simply pressing PLAY!

As a BONUS you'll be invited to attend real time, 
LIVE workouts with Joy and the rest of your training group.
All you need is a phone, no high speed internet necessary!

In Joy’s Fitness Hub you interact with your trainer, JOY personally.  

Is nutrition part of the program? 

Absolutely!! We all know that food is critical for a healthy body and mind, but it can be so confusing these days.

Stacey Curcio, B.HSc in Naturopathy, and Masters of Human Nutrition, understands that eating well is something we all know we should do, but few of us actually do as consistently as we would like.

So how can we change this?

Our weekly food tasks encourage small, achievable, yet significant, changes to your diet, and allow you to understand the ‘why’ behind the change.

We don’t ask you to throw out every pantry item, buy some weird ingredients that you can’t find and redesign your family menu overnight.  Knowing, practising and consolidating each food task enables you to achieve a holistically healthy diet, for life!

Joy's Fitness Hub progressively develops your physical fitness, nutritional health and positive mindset.
Entry Level 
Weeks 1 - 12

During the first 12 weeks of Joy's Fitness Hub you will gain access to the weekly program with  fitness, nutrition and mindset, videos, audio workouts and podcasts:
Be supported by your trainer Joy McClymont and nutritionist Stacey Curcio
Complete some basic benchmark fitness testing
Learn how to integrate a daily exercise and stretch
Experience the benefits of short interval and intensity fitness sessions
Enhance your diet so you are satisfied instead of hungry
Reduce your sugar cravings and binge eating
Establish a positive mindset focused towards how you want to feel and look.
Build Level 
Weeks 13 - 24

The foundations of fitness, nutrition and mindset are now in place. In the Build Level of this program we challenge you a little further to consolidate your fitness, nutritional habits and mindset. 
Physically challenge yourself to try new ways of exercising
Monitor your diet, reflect on portions and understand nutrient density
Deepen your understanding of how your body feels and what it needs
Learn more about your body and how it responds to different foods
Connect with others who understand the importance of being healthy and fit
Extension Level
Weeks 24 & beyond

The Extension Level enables you to experience weighted exercises, a diverse range of physical challenges as well as extend your knowledge of nutritional and lifestyle medicine.  
Physically challenges associated with all components of fitness - speed, stamina, balance, agility, power etc.
Weighted strength exercises taught via video and live workouts. No need to purchase any special fitness equipment.
Diverse nutritional and lifestyle medicine tutorials by Stacey Curcio, on a range of topics from hormones to energy. 
Extra Extension Level live workouts and teleconferences
Joy's Fitness Hub includes:
Weekly Fitness program:
• HIIT (High intensity interval training)
• Strength
• Speed
• Stamina

Stretching Guidelines

Live Phone workouts:
• Led by your instructor with the rest of the group

Audio Workouts
• Recorded workouts to complete with your trainer

Assessment Forms
• Submit to inform your trainer of your progress

• Trainer Support, Modification & Feedback

Informative Teleconferences
* Fitness trends, research and training methods.

Weekly/Fortnightly Nutrition Tasks:
• Covering a wide spectrum of beneficial dietary habits

Audio recordings for all food tasks:
• Discussing importance, application and detail behind each food task

Recipe Sharing:
• Tried and tested healthy paleo based recipes are provided for the whole family to enjoy!

• Direct access to and ongoing support from Stacey Curcio from Cultivating Wellness (Naturopath and Nutritionist)

Bonus teleconferences:
• Discussing the latest news in nutrition on a range of exciting topics.

Motivation & Mindset
Weekly reflection tasks:
• Simple yet effective ways to be content and confident

Motivational Strategies:
• Audio recordings
• Ebook
• Worksheets

Group & Trainer Support
• Closed Facebook group
• Group teleconferences

Early Bird Bonuses:
Your own personal Hub Diary for the first 24 weeks of the program.
Allows you to keep track of each day, week and month as you progress through the program. 
Easy and convenient to stay on track whilst you’re travelling or away from your computer.
2 x Live Workouts a week with your trainer

Dial in and you’ll be working out with your trainer, in real time, from wherever you are. 

All you need is a phone line! Fun and motivating way to tick off your workout for the day.  
8GB flash drive
Contains the entire first 24 weeks of the program.
Contains all video, audio and pdf documents that outline the first 24 weeks.  No longer do you need to rely on the internet to access an online program.
MP3 Player

Fuss free way of working out with your trainer via our audio and live workout recordings. 

A fully loaded mp3 player containing all the audio and live workouts from the program.No more tricky transferring audio files to your device.

VALUE $120
E-Recipe Book

e-Recipe Book from our home-style cook Roslyn Rees. 

50 + recipes that meet all of our nutritional guidelines and taste buds.  

Nutritional Tutorials

Knowing more helps us achieve more!

Advanced tutorials delivered by Stacey Curcio, addressing a range of topics and issues from energy to hormones.  

Expert Industry Guests

Fitness, Nutritional and Mindset guest speakers

Download recordings of industry expert guests. 

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Do You Have Some Questions ?


Do I need to have a certain level of fitness to join the Hub?

Absolutely not!  We cater for all levels of fitness by providing modifications to sessions and workouts.  We give you the choice to complete the beginner, intermediate or advanced level each week, so you can adjust the intensity as you improve.  
How long does my membership last?

Your membership will continues for as long as you wish to stay involved.  Our program is a progressive and evolving health and fitness community.  However it is advised that you complete at least the first 24 weeks as it is develops your baseline fitness, nutritional habits and mindset.  

When will the first monthly payment be deducted?

The day you register for the Hub is the first monthly payment.  Monthly payments will then incur on the same day each month, throughout your membership.  

Do I need any special equipment?

No special equipment is necessary!  Every exercise and workout can be completed by simply creating a little bit of space, wherever you are.  As you progress through the program you may feel like you want to add some extra weight to your strength sessions.  We help you utilise what you have around you.  Purchasing special equipment is not necessary.


Can I claim Joy’s Fitness Hub membership costs with my healthcare provide

Membership costs are claimable through certain private health care providers.  You will need to contact them directly and quote my Fitness Australia Provider Number:  024375
If you require any further information to claim your membership fees please email support@offthetracktraining.com.au with subject - “Health care claim” 
Do I need fast internet to attend live workouts ?

Live workouts are delivered via the phone, so you can dial in on your phone or listen via the web. All Live workouts are recorded so that you do not miss any workouts.  It is not necessary to view a live video, even though it would be great.  Unfortunately the internet speed and capacity for many of our members and trainers is limited.   

Do I need to keep up with each week as it opens ?

No it is not necessary to keep up!  The Hub is flexible and fits with life.  When life gets in the way of completing your weekly tasks then just pick up on the week when you are ready.  

Do I need to workout every day ?

No you don’t!  Rest days are important and the Hub is about creating an exercise routine that fits with life and is consistent.  We don’t encourage burn out or boot-camp style fitness.  The most benefit you gain from a fitness habit is one that is established for 6 + months, not 6 weeks.  
"Consult your healthcare professional before beginning any diet or exercise regime".
ABN: 64610133778